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Patient Scheduling, Precert Services and Ordering Forms
  • Scheduling made simple with help from our complete list of services, procedures and ways to schedule all within the ordering form. Please fax them to one of our nearest facilities, and we will complete the rest. Or you can request an appointment for your patients online here!

  • Precert Services – We are here to support our providers through the entire imaging process. If our services require a precert, we will assist you and your staff through the duration of the process. Please provide a copy of the patient demographics, clinical notes, and any prior imaging procedures to ensure a quick authorization before your patients appointment.

  • Below are ordering forms for all of our locations. Please use them for scheduling your patient’s next imaging appointment!

Referring Physician Information
  • Southern Radiology Specialists now offers referring physicians the information they need in a consistent and timely manner with our online patient scheduling forms and our new state-of-the-art PACS system, which allows our referring physicians to access and print patient reports and view imaging online. Same-day patient scheduling is available and many of our exams can be performed on a walk-in-basis. Call for details.

Southern Radiology Specialists PACS System
  • Anytime, Anywhere Imaging and Report Access via your PC or laptop, Mac, and even on your iPhone, iPad, Android or virtually any device with internet access.

  • You choose which method(s) of report delivery you prefer.

  • View or print your patient’s reports online. The following link is provided for fast access to your patients’ imaging information. Once you have registered and have been set-up for Southern Radiology Specialists’ Web access, you may log in, enter your user name and password and receive all of your patient’s results.

  • Side by Side report and imaging allows you to view the patient’s report and imaging simultaneously.